Sometime you have that “Duh” moment.

That’s what our founder, Sean Morrison, had when he met Sarah Jennings. Sarah’s grandmother needed a lawyer’s opinion letter to open a bank account. She talked to the attorney, who was happy to help. He pulled a form from his desk, signed his name to it, and handed it back to her. The cost - $700.

There are many things that attorneys do that require high fees. But we believe there are also many things that do not. We also believe that software does not do a good job of protecting your legal needs, and that an attorney’s advice is extremely valuable. That’s why we create LegalSesame. LegalSesame presents to you basic legal services, done by actual attorneys, for just $125. This won’t cover everything you need, but it will be a great start. LegalSesame won’t be the only place you find legal help, but it should be the first place you look.  

We are founded by an attorney. We see how difficult it is for people to get basic legal help, but we're also aware of the expenses of being an attorney. Our vision for LegalSesame is as a place where attorneys can offer affordable legal services, and still pay the light bill. 

By combining online tools and real attorneys, we work to give you a break. A break from open-ended billing. A break from sitting in waiting rooms. A break from paying too much.

Welcome to LegalSesame.


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