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Legal Sesame makes it easy

We will  connect clients with attorneys providing legal services at the fixed rate of $125. You can have any number of services, from simple will to strategy sessions; from mediation to general Q&A. Best of all, it's easy. Here's how it works:
1. Search for what you need.
Enter the site and search for the legal services you need, knowing what they will cost before you even start (hint: it’s $125).
2. Find an attorney right for you.
Contact the attorney offering that service and tell them a bit about yourself. When you both agree to work with each other, the process begins.
3. Work on your legal issue.
You will share a workroom with your attorney, providing you the confidentiality you need to communicate, exchange documents, and messages.
4. Receive your completed legal service.
Your finished service will be delivered right to your inbox, or done online. What could be easier?


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Can $125 revolutionize the legal profession?


Of course not! But it’s a great first step. connects you with attorneys offering legal services for $125. While every service is the same price, not every attorney offers the same service.

Obviously, not all legal services can be done for $125. We don’t expect to be the only place you go to find attorneys, but we want to make it the first place.